Taste of Everything Asia covers beyond the aspects of food, lifestyles and tourism. Although this portal is still relatively young and new, it has covered various events, launches and even organised a workshop as well as conducted other features in the previous partnership (AsiaStyleAsia) as one of the two main founders.

The Mission of this online portal is to build a long-term and sustainable relationship with clients, forging friendships along the journey and creating smiles onto people’s face by doing good things which are beneficial both parties and not forgetting to the society and the environment.

The Long-Term Outcome is to be able to contribute more in the philanthropic arena as well as to support businesses through continuously sharing and providing humble possible suggestions. The Founder believes in connecting people and not just solely the media and influencers which has been proven at this moment of time from the support and word of mouth which was given in return. This portal will include a personal sharing of individual experiences as well.

This humble little media portal is still growing.
We hope to gain your support so that in time to come, we will be able do even more things for you in return.


Fashion Covered:

Fide Fashion Weeks 2012, 2013
Audi Fashion Week 2013, 2014
Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala 2014
J Spring Fashion Show 2014
Karen Millen A/W Fashion Show 2014
Singapore JewelFest 2014
Fashion Beach Festival by Sony Xperia 2014
Digital Fashion Week 2013, 2015
Singapore Fashion Week 2015