Taste of Everything Asia covers beyond the aspects of food, lifestyle, and tourism. Although this humble little portal is currently growing at a much slower pace due to the founder’s workload and other circumstances, he managed to cover, co-arrange, support a variety of media events, and doing beyond.

The Mission of this portal is to create smiles by doing things that are of benefit to businesses, society, and the environment. The founder’s aim is also to build a long-term sustainable relationship and friendship with clients along the journey.

Long-Term Outcome

The founder wants to contribute more in the philanthropic arena in the near future, supporting businesses through continuously sharing and providing humble possible suggestions for improvement. He believes in connecting entrepreneurs and others who are not in the media industry or is an influencer too. The result has been proven through experience as he sees them supporting back in return and providing their way of marketing through word of mouth.

We hope to gain your support so that in time to come,
we will be able to do even more things for you in return.



Fashion Covered:

Fide Fashion Weeks 2012, 2013
Audi Fashion Week 2013, 2014
Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala 2014
J Spring Fashion Show 2014
Karen Millen A/W Fashion Show 2014
Singapore JewelFest 2014
Fashion Beach Festival by Sony Xperia 2014
Digital Fashion Week 2013, 2015
Singapore Fashion Week 2015